feelings of wrongdoing

Sometimes I get these feelings that something really bad is going to happen.  I have had a lot of really bad things happen to me in my life and I just feel like, sometimes, things will get bad again.  Nine months ago, I got out of  an abusive relationship.  That wasn’t the first abusive relationship I had been in.  It seems that I am attracted to absolute disaster.  I suppose I am just drawn to the worst case scenarios that have seemed to freckle my life.  I have had a really good morning, but upon setting out to buy yet another book at Barnes and Noble, I just got this feeling of dread.  When these feelings come, I just truly believe I have done something wrong and I will be punished for it.  Why is this?  Is this the Bipolar, anxiety and PTSD acting out all at once?  I need to just bury back into Harry Potter that I am reading for the seventh time now and let this pass I suppose.  Anybody out there that feels similarly, just know that nothing is truly wrong.  It will pass.  Just hope in yourself and your inner love to outshine these destructive feelings.  Inner Peace, I am calling for you!


Author: jesseruth84

Trying to figure life out one minute at a time

2 thoughts on “feelings of wrongdoing”

  1. I had a dream last night that my husband and I had a huge fight and he left because I did something wrong. I woke up feeling guilty and horrible so I asked him if we were ok and told him about the dream. I get irrational guilt feelings sometimes. Like all the things wrong with the world are somehow my fault. It is awful. It is not truth. But it is hard to shake.

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