Barnes and Noble Mania

So I go to BnN probably once or twice a week.  This Sunday, the Sunday before Christmas, it was packed!  I came in with a book I was going to exchange and walked past the hustle and bustle of the Café towards the back of the store.  This is my favorite area because this is where the Fantasy section is!  Of course, the whole store is great, but everyone has their favorite spot. I found a simple copy of “The Fellowship of the Ring”, by JRR Tolkien, which is going to be my third copy.  You see, I have one set of all three put away in the attic and a huge special edition that contains all three in one.  I do not usually read the special edition because it is worth a lot of money and I am scared of messing it up more than it already is.  So yes, one more copy I can feel free to abuse of the first of the Lord of the Rings is necessary.  I head to the front and walk over the tiled area where the line is SUPPOSED to be, however, the line is stretching straight back towards the shelves in the nearby vicinity of the cash registers.  I stand there for a second contemplating and then loudly say, “Where is the line?”  A woman answers by pointing towards the back.  I clear my throat and say, “This is not how it works, the line is over here in this area.”  No one moves a muscle except to stare.  “I will go to the back of the line but I am telling you, you are all standing in the wrong place.”  As I go to the back of the line, the manager of the store walks up and says, “Could everyone please move over to this area?”  Well, look at me.  I should manage every shopping line I enter.  Obviously, the Bipolar Manic girl knows how Barnes and Noble works!  Of course, I feel terribly rude and bossy but I must say that I absolutely cannot contain my honesty sometimes.  It just blurts out and I feel like I seem to be the most obnoxious person, EVER!  But hey, I was right!


Author: jesseruth84

Trying to figure life out one minute at a time

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