Turning shit into snowflakes

Well… Its a SHIT day.

What do you do now?

You wake up… feel shitty.. so you lay there… an hour passes.. lets check the time..

its 1:30shit O’clock in the afternoon!

What to do?  Some simple steps to recuperation:

1.  Just STOP IT!  Stop laying there, stop your thought processes, stop crying, stop screaming in your pillow, STOP ALL OF IT NOW!

2.  Get out of bed, its easy, just get up

3.  Take a shower, use the best smelling soap you have, wash your hair, brush your teeth… im dead serious, if you can get through this step you are so much farther ahead than you will even imagine.

4.  Get dressed in comfortable yet presentable clothes, there is a different feeling when you are in lay around the house clothes as opposed to something as simple as the kind of outfit you would where if you were to go to , lets say my favorite store, Barnes and Noble.  If your a girl, put on lotion and body spray, if your a guy shave your shadow

5.  go stand on your front or back porch with a cup of coffee or tea… a little caffeine boost and some fresh air is awesome.  Now dont just stand there, look at the damn trees, grass, car, neighbors dog thats barking at you, the sky, … the dirt.  Take it all in, think about the weather, feel the cool breeze (if you live in south carolina and its winter), or the chilling cold… okay maybe go inside now, someone may call the cops

6.  Sit in your living room… STAY OUT OF BEDROOM!!!  The bed is for actual sleeping not mopey mopertoning around… do you have books?  Read!  Look at the BBC.com news of around the world…. Look at interesting things online, DO NOT LOOK UP MEDICAL DISORDERS AND DIAGNOSE YOURSELF… jeez, I know you may think you have cancers and organ failures and all kinds of psychiatric problems undiagnosed… trust me, just leave it alone

7.  Look at the time now!  its been hours since you got out of bed, think of all the kinds of things you could accomplish!  That art project.  Make appointments before 5 O’clock… Reading that book you really want to finish, hey, its okay… you will finish it someday.

8.  Something vitally important!  make your dinner!  Im serious, YOU WILL NOT FEEL GOOD IF YOU HAVENT EATEN… a simple sandwich with veggies meat and cheese is good, or a hearty soup, drink some water… helps with digestive issues

9.  Okay, its getting a little later in the day, what can you do?  how about a movie on netflix?  or some of that prime time tv show that your mom told you that you might like.

10.  Its getting late, its been a long day, agonizing?  or a little better?  its time to wind down, try aromatherapy or hot mint tea… plan for tomorrow… maybe tomorrow you can leave the house for a bit, just go get some coffee, be like me and read a book in a public place… just for about 20-30 minutes, before things get wierd and agh anxiety… TAKE YOUR PRESCRIBED MEDICINE AS PRESCRIBED…

some simple steps that help me out, hope it helps, written with love


Author: jesseruth84

Trying to figure life out one minute at a time

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