The difference between stuff and “stuff”

So I am sorta like a spy.  I sit on my porch and smoke my cigs and kinda just watch whats going on.  Its a good way to pass time.  There is one thing above all that I have learned that is most important….  a typed letter that looks ominous can reveal the true nature of your neighbors.

The neighbors across the street USED to play really loud rap music… USED TO…

My mom walked up to them in their driveway, and I mean it was bad, a lot of cursing in the music, and also some lurid sexual and drug use suggestions, even one about cutting someone and snorting their blood… like what?  there are a lot of kids in our neighborhood so it really is a problem to blast that shit.

anyways, so mom walks up and as soon as she does, the father of this family comes outside and balks that he doesnt want any trouble, and moms like fine but this music has to stop.

well it didnt so we took a video and sent it to the homeowners association and they sent them a letter about noise violation and that the cops would be called.  That was the day the music died.

well, these are no ordinary neighbors.  They have people pulling up to their house for a minute then leaving, all kinds of kids hanging out there, like teenagers and young twenties, different teenagers spending the night.

Obviously I live across the street from drug dealers… which I am totally cool with.  If the world were to end I would go to their place because pot heads are prepared!  They are obviously scared of the cops, all their kids are out of highschool and still live at home but the fact that there is so much traffic and partying and they have some really nice cars.  like 5 cars for one 2 story house and they dont even use their garage.  But hey, Im not calling the cops and if they werent worried about cops coming so bad that I hear absolutely no “Fuck” “cunts”  “ass” anymore blasting full volume out of the fathers Jaguar.. I wouldnt have realized they are in the business, but you keep chilling you “cool” drug dealing parents… I am not calling the cops, im cool with your business… just keep the “Ass and Titties” to yourself.


Author: jesseruth84

Trying to figure life out one minute at a time

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