I Showered Today! I can still do basic life things!

Hey!  So I have been really good about showering and doing laundry for a while now… but this weekend I fell into a depression that was so bad I could NOT shower for 3 days!  I know, gross, right?  But hey, when you dont care about anything, hygiene is just not on your mind!

But today, I started out depressed… called my dad crying … of course its dad so its like “well your still reading some books, right?  so everthing is fine, see?”

No dad, just because I still have some reading skills doesnt mean im fine, but anyways.

Things got better, I dont know how… but they did.  All of a sudden I got really anxious, then I got this hyperventilated buzz and then… I felt great!  Its like I broke down completely before I was able to pick myself up again.

So yeah, I took a shower and the rest of the worlds noses can be thankful now… whoopee


Author: jesseruth84

Trying to figure life out one minute at a time

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